“ The only Digital Marketing course you need to land up a remarkably high paying job or start & expand your own business and ultimately live a prosperous life!! ”

See for yourself!!

Opportunities are mind-blowing! And still growing by leaps and bounds.

But then... what is the problem?

Where are you actually going wrong with this? For a moment, just give it a thought.

Although, there more than 100 digital marketing institutes offering so-called “industry oriented courses”..

But, here are the BRUTAL FACTS to you need to look at…

The shocking truth of digital marketing courses in the market today:


  • No practical Knowledge.
  • In-experienced trainers which are unable to solve your slightest of the doubts.
  • Confusing content which is delivered via powerpoint presentations.
  • Frequent changing of trainers which disturbs your flow of learning
    Massively complex course structure with unnecessary course modules..
  • Vulnerable placement and job assistance and once the course is finished, you won’t be entertained anymore!!


  • You are Manipulated to pay shockingly high fees up to 50k, 70k, and sometimes even more than 1.5 lac for this course!!
  • Institutes Trap you into paying this fees by offering so-called “ free tools worth 1 lac” which are actually worthless and are literally free on the internet

Well, somebody had to stand up and cut through this Bulls**t once and for all..

We conducted a poll on our channel and asked people whether we should start a Digital marketing course or not? As we expected, 67% of the people who responded to the poll said YES.

Naturally, this is what you wanted… and this is what you’ll get!!!

And there is more…

  1. Free Business Consulting and digital marketing strategy.
  2. A personalized Business plan.
  3. Funding opportunities for your start-up.
  4. Value adding mentorship

However... If you are wondering whether 30k is too much for you to spend for a prosperous future… Just think about it...

So, Who are you and what are you made of?

And what ultimately do you want from your life???

We believe Luck = opportunity + preparedness.

We aspire to give you both!!!!

Give us 90 days and we'll make you job ready for rewarding digital marketing career or even expand your business to new horizons thereby living the life which you always wanted to live!!!

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